Check out the Health Benefits of These 5 Common Sports

Whether you are a professional athlete or just partake sports for fun, there is no doubt that certain sporting activities have a wide array of health benefits. Sure, athletes look to be in better shape than anyone with slim bodies and rippling muscles, but the benefits go far beneath the surface. Interested in the health benefits of each individual sport and how they can improve your overall wellness? Check out the benefits to health of these five common American sports.


Soccer, or football to the majority of the world, is by far the most popular sport around the globe. In many countries children start playing at a very young age and perfect their skills over time. Not only is it a worldly sport, but it is also a healthy one! There is obviously tons of running in in soccer, which improves cardiovascular health overall. Running back and forth along the field also builds muscle tone and reduces fat. The shift between running, sprinting, and walking is the best way to increase aerobic capacity.


Tennis is another world-renowned sport and is especially popular throughout the United States. Many people prefer team sports over individual ones like tennis, but the health benefits associated with the game make it entirely worth it. It improves physical health by focusing on agility, strength, and overall endurance. One hour-long match of tennis can burn as many as 600 calories. The constant movement and muscle stimulation can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and increase bone density and muscle mass.


One of the easiest ways to burn calories is to pick up a volleyball and start playing. Just 45 minutes of the game can burn up to 600 calories depending on how active you are. Volleyball players are generally very slim for this reason and have low body mass index compared to inactive people. One of the main body focuses in volleyball is on the upper and lower legs; there is a lot of squatting, jumping, and lateral movements involved. But it improves the entire muscular system overall.

American Football

There has been a lot of controversy in the past few years about whether or not the game of American football is a risk to health. Players of football are more prone to concussions and head injuries than players of any other sport. But as long as the proper equipment is worn, football can actually have tons of health benefits. You’ve probably noticed the muscles on some of the professional football players in the NFL. This is a common result of playing football due to the excess of running and physical contact.


Like most sports, basketball promotes cardiovascular health since there is so much running involved. Running up and down the court also burns a good amount of calories and builds bone/muscle strength. There is also a mental aspect to basketball as well; there is a lot of focus involved and physical discipline if you are playing more competitively.

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