The Best Apps of 2018 to Enhance Your Driving Experience

These days there is an app for just about anything. You can do everything from adopting a healthier lifestyle to finding the perfect playlist just by scrolling through the app store on your phone. You can even completely change your driving experience just by downloading a few apps and hitting the road. If you need help with navigation or just want to find the perfect road trip tunes, check out the best apps of 2018 that will surely enhance your overall driving experience.

Car Locator

Car Locator is the perfect app for that moment – or multiple moments! – you can’t seem to find your car in the lot or parking garage. It happens to the best of us, but if you download Car Locator you won’t ever have trouble finding your car. The app features a mapping system that saves the location of your car at any sports event, music concert, or cultural festival. You can find it by accessing the app and searching for the red dot on the map that represents where you parked.

Google Maps

Just about everyone has the Google Maps app, but if you don’t you need to download it ASAP. There are tons of navigation apps available, but Google Maps is by far the best. You can easily find a specific destination, or check out restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes in your area. Whether you’re walking or driving to your next spot and need some help getting there, hop on the app and arrive with ease.


Music lovers everywhere have downloaded Spotify. There is a basic version of the app which is nice, but the way to go is by downloading the Premium version. With Spotify Premium you can download your favorite playlist in offline mode so you don’t have to worry about those country or mountain roads where data isn’t available. You can find just about every artist, song, and playlist on Spotify. Premium is $9.99 a month, but you can try it with a free trial for 30 days.


It is important to stay hands-free when driving…The most dangerous aspect of the road is playing with the radio and texting on your phone. You can easily avoid this by using SIRI. SIRI can read and send emails and texts for you, even while you drive, and you can also give her complete control over your music playlist. SIRI can do just about anything to make your driving experience easier and safer.


Waze is another top navigation app available on iOS or Android. The best feature of this app is that it gives you real time traffic updates so you avoid those frustrating traffic jams on your way home from work or on your next road trip. Waze is a community app so you can get advice from fellow drivers on the best routes, best gas prices, and where you need to be careful to avoid speed tickets. You can even upload your own information to help out other drivers on the road.

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