5 Health Benefits of Living in a City

When you live in or near a big city, there is excitement around every corner. City streets are lined with delicious places to dine, yoga studios and gyms, and tons of bars and nightlife options. But that’s not all city life can offer. Did you know that living in a city can actually be beneficial to your health? Well it can, and here’s how! Check out the top five health benefits that go along with living in a city.

You have more opportunities to be social. Cities are jam-packed with social activities, and you’ll find that seeing your friends is a common occurrence. Even if your close friends live on the opposite side of the city, public transportation is easy to access so you can see them just about every day if you want to. Not only is it easy to stay connected with your friends, but meeting new people is easy! Having close personal connections and staying social has been proven to improve your health and even extend your life by a few years.

Walking is the main form of transportation. Many people living in cities don’t even have cars, meaning the main way to get around is on foot. Sure, lots of people take public transportation, ubers, or cabs but even so walking is much more common in city atmospheres. Many people don’t consider walking to be a form of exercise, but it is actually one of the best things you can do to stay fit. Bike riding is also more common along city streets, which is a great workout as well as environmentally friendly. The average person living in New York City walks significantly more each day than someone living in upstate New York.  

Gyms and fitness facilities are on just about every block. If you’ve walked through a big city, chances are you’ve passed a gym or two or thirty. There are tons of fitness centers to choose from, so staying active isn’t a challenge. Not only will you find conventional gyms, a city is most common place for a new fitness trend to start. You have options like yoga, zumba, aerial fitness, high-intensity workout classes, barre classes, and just about every fitness activity under the sun.

Depending on where you live, there are tons of options for alternative medicines. Also, faster emergency response. If you want to find some sort of fancy or alternative medical treatment, the best place to search is in a city. Some people living outside of a big city even choose to travel to downtown areas in order to get the best medical attention around. Since there is such a high volume of people, there are plenty of hospitals and emergency responses are much faster here and h

Surprisingly access to farmers’ markets is easy here. You might not think a city would be the ideal place to find fresh produce and natural products, but just the opposite is true. As long as weather is permitting, you can typically find several farmers’ markets a week in your city of residence.

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